My New Rolls

After years of rolling badly with cheapy basic dice bought from Games Workshop and years of receiving (good humoured) abuse for using GW’s limited release Adeptus Mechanicus dice I finally caved and thought I needed new dice (That and my confidence in the fairness of these dice were waning).

If one wanted super precise and fair dice they would get casino dice. These little gems are highly regulated and controlled to ensure that they are ‘fair’, the dice are machined to ridiculous tolerances and the pips are drilled and filled with coloured material of the same density as to preserve the dice’s centre of gravity and are never smoothed off in a rock tumbler commonly used in commercial dice manufacturing. I wasn’t crazy enough for those so I settled for the next best thing, GameScience. These so called ‘ugly dice’ are also not put through the rock tumbler process to preserve their shape and balance unlike other dice on the market.

They come in a variety of colours but I got the green ones just because my other internet handle is ‘limey’ and thought it was fitting.


But do these roll better than other dice on the market?
It would seem so, when compared with Chessex equivalent.

Does the rock tumbler process cause that much of  a difference in a practical sense?
No, not really but after playing with them the sharp edges of the dice feels nice in the hand in a masochist sort of way… ahem.

So why use these ugly GameScience dice?
Cause they are the fairest of them all.

I have yet to use these dice in anger yet but when I received them I just couldn’t stop playing with them, a good sign for the future of these dice [insert your own innuendo here].

Note: It would seem that GameScience dice are a bit limited of late due to some issues I don’t fully understand. But head over to The Dice Shop, they seemed to have inherited a large collection of GameScience dice ready to find new homes.

Happy Rolling!

2 thoughts on “My New Rolls

  1. GameScience was at Gen Con in August 2014, so rumors of being out of production may be erroneous. There was a transfer of ownership in the last few years; I think Gamestation returned the name to the original owner, Zocchi. That said, their web site expired in the last few months, which doesn’t bode well. On the other, other hand, I’m in reasonably regular contact with Zocchi, and he appears to be treating GameScience as an ongoing concern.

  2. It’s good to know the owner is still in the game. I haven’t ever met te guy but I did watch his little presentation of his dice on youtube and he seemed really likable guy with a passion for dice.

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